New app Zappy launching

Zappy is a new and trluly revolutionary free app that will transform the way people tackle their daily tasks. Founded by Alexander Eloy and Rene Skaflestad, this app will bring back the traditions of being neighbourly, with offering and paying for helpful services. Think of it like Uber - but for everything.

In a press release, Zappy is stating that this sharing economy app will make it effortless for users to find trustworthy help for all kinds of tasks, anywhere and at any time.

Just by posting their required job, Zappy users will be able to connect with reliable, fellow Zappers (Zappy users) at no cost whatsoever. Most importantly, Zappers will be available for a multitude of tasks including handyman and moving, transportation and delivery, home and garden, marketing and design, language learning and teaching, computer, IT, the web, and much more.

Check out Zappy in iTunes or Google Play here.

Zappy is also listed on Three Link Directory.