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5 really cool cartoon fonts - that are free!

Who doesn't like cartoons? And who doesn't like free fonts? I any case, we at Three Link Directory have made a list of really cool - and totally free - cartoon fonts you can download online.

Here is the list:

1. A Bug's Life

2. 4 my lover

3. #44 Font

4. Ponyville

5. Senang Banyol

For more free cartoon fonts you can download for free check this page.


Understanding Link Building and Why You Need Them As Part of Your Online Marketing Campaign

Link building is such an important element of your online marketing campaign and yet many companies are not taking advantage of this marketing opportunity, which means that they are being passed over by the top search engines and finding themselves dropping in the rankings each and every month.

In most instances a company will turn to a SEO specialist when they don't understand why they have been knocked off the first page. Even some of the most famous brands in the world find themselves being pushed back to the third, fourth, fifth search pages, which means that they are long their ranking and reputation and need to work on ways to improve it.

Links are essential to make top search engines, such as Google, notice your website. Links are lined to external websites that direct back to your website. This is what search engines use to help them rank you in search results. The search engines, especially Google, use this as a form of sorting method to help them identify your ranking and help you improve all the time.

The aim of link building is to drive traffic to your website. In fact anything you do online is to drive traffic to your website, the more visitors you have the higher your success rate will be. You can take advantage of affordable link building services from a top internet marketing company, though there are some things you should know about the process so you can choose the right company that will provide you with the best results.

You need to have a good understanding on why you need link building as part of your online marketing campaign and in addition to driving traffic to your website, it also helps improve brand awareness. As with any marketing initiative you want to boost your brand visibility. The more your brand is visible the more customers you will reach. In order to succeed online you want to reach beyond your audience to ensure that you are the first name on their lips when there is products or services they need that your company can provide.

It is very important that you are aware that not all affordable link building services are good. There are things such as good and bad links and you often find that bad links will be generated by automatic services. Automatic services are often the cheapest, but they can result in you finding yourself with a bad online reputation in the long run. These are automatically generated links which may not be from a reputable source or may not even work.

You want to ensure you choose an affordable link building service from an internet marketing company that will guarantee that they will do manual link building services for you. This means that they will do the research and analysis, they will identify reputable websites and then manually do the links so that you are seen in the best light online at all times.

Any affordable link building services you choose should be provided by an experienced company who are willing to answer all your questions quickly and honestly, so you can ensure that they are the right match for your company moving forward. They should have some knowledge of your industry and work as your business partner to ensure you achieve results now and in the future.

Any company you choose to work with should provide you with monthly detailed reports, so you can see the results for yourself.

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SEO: How to Maintain Top Ranking In Organic Search Results

It's every online business owner's dream to attain the top 3 spot in Google's serps for highly targeted keywords. It takes weeks or even months of diligent SEO to attain top ranking. For businesses which actually manage to achieve a top 3 spot in Google, this marks the beginning of an even more challenging task; maintaining the high ranking in the serps. So how can you ensure that your online business remains within the top 3 spots in organic search results? Here are the top strategies.

Repeat the strategies that got you the top spot on low ranked pages
SEO involves using several strategies to rank a webpage high. Given that every website is unique based on the business area, target keywords, competition and target audience; there isn't a one size fits all SEO strategy. Although certain SEO strategies are guaranteed to work regardless of the type of website, specific strategies work best for specific types of websites and industries.

If you managed to find a specific set of SEO strategies that enabled some of your websites pages to rank high in organic search results, the best thing to do is apply the same strategies to your lower ranked web pages.

Focus on increasing CTRs and reducing bounce rates
Getting a top 3 organic rank in Google guarantees your website high organic traffic from search engines. This however doesn't mean that you're guaranteed this traffic forever. It's upon you to convince Google that your website deserves to remain within the top spots. One way to do this is to increase CTRs and lower bounce rates.

Google wants to make sure that its users find the best sites ranked within the top spots. However, if a highly ranked website gets high bounce rates, it means that the site's visitors aren't interested in what the site has to offer or, the site doesn't rank for a relevant keyword. The result is usually lowering the site's rank.

Two ways to ensure that you get high CTRs and lower bounce rates is to create quality unique content for the site's visitors and, creating powerful headlines and meta descriptions which entice searchers to click on your site's URL in the search results.

Focus on branding
Today, many online businesses are focusing on building reputable brands in order to build a loyal following of customers. Creating a unique brand sets you apart from non branded competitors. Your business' brand will be easily associated with the industry in which you operate making it even easier to attract new clients.

Focusing on building a brand will also help to keep your website in the top organic search results in Google. Brand reputation is one of the ranking factors used by Google to determine which sites to rank within the top 3 results. A good example is Amazon which ranks in the top spot for most retail product terms. In some instances, it even beats the product manufacturer's website for the top spot in organic search. The company's brand plays a huge role in its ranking compared to other factors such as high quality informative content.

If you manage to get your site ranked among the top 3 in search results, your goal should be to retain this position. Getting lower ranked pages to rank higher, building a reputable brand and increasing visitor engagement with your site are some of the best ways to maintain high ranking is search results.

The writer of the article is an expert search engine optimization consultant working with a SEO company in Kerala, a professional web design and internet marketing agency.


Happy easter :)

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What Is SEO And What Should You Know?

WHAT IS Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO means search engine optimization. What that suggests is that if you have a web site, you can optimize your website so that it places in the internet search engine-- generally Google; Preferably, positioning your site on the first page of Google. If it does not appear on the first page, then your chances of being noticed through online search engine decrease significantly.

Now the concern is... just how do you get a website to rank highly or on the first page? I'll go over those now one by one.

The Three Essential Variables for Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Many people make the mistake of that believing because they merely created a developed website, their site will automatically and immediately get found on the internet. Fortunately, when it concerns Search Engine Optimization, there are proven approaches to get results. Here are 3 important variables to stress over for your SEO:

Essential Variable #1 - Keyword Research.

Here's something that you need to realize. Websites do not rank. WEB PAGES do!! When pages rank, they place for a key phrase. If you think of just how people look for your business, than you will recognize that they search for key phrases. They might look for "Philadelphia plumbing professional," or "plumbers in Philadelphia," or "plumbing professional near Philly," or even "I need a plumbing professional for my home in Philly".

Therefore, when we say SEO "keyword" research, what we really mean is "key phrase" research as well. So depending on your business, you want to rank for the terms that people are searching for to find your business. Imagine if your homepage is ranking for "best cheese steak in Philadelphia."

Think you might get a high volume of visits to your restaurant? You bet you would since that term gets 5,400 searches per month in Google.

Envision if your homepage is placing for "optimal cheese steak in Philly." Think you might obtain a high number of quantity of visits to your restaurant? You bet you would because that term obtains 5,400 searches monthly in Google.

Essential Variable #2 - On-Page Optimization.

On-page optimization is simply the manner in which you structure your internet site, and also the little things that you do that make Google as well as the various other online search engine know precisely what your web site and/or webpages have to do with.

There are specific components that you could or could not have actually also become aware of, as well as this normally relies on if you created your very own site or otherwise.

Web page Title Tag SEO - If you look up a site in your browser, and you look up at the blue part on top you'll see text. This text in the blue matters because it's the TITLE tag of this site, and this is the first thing that Google sees to determine what your website is about.

Page Summary - Your page summary must also make it clear exactly what your website is about. If you do a search within Google, and you look at the search results, after that the text beneath each listing is the page description.

There are plenty of various other on-page optimization elements, however the three noted above are a good begin to understanding the importance of making your webpages relevant to the searcher's demand.

After you've got your on-page optimization complete, you'll move on to optimization OFF the page...

Vital Variable #3 - Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is what you do away from your web page to obtain it to place. Among the quite distinctive components that triggers a page to ranking is the variety of websites it has connecting to it. These are called back-links. They're web links that aim back to your site from various other sites.

So let's look at another SEO idea. Who's one of the most authoritative people in the world? It's very easily the person sitting in the White House, The President of the United States. Now it doesn't matter what side of the aisle he's come from - the guy in that seat is one of the people who has the most authority in the whole world.

How did that person get there? By VOTES! They get voted into that position.

Online, Google considers your back-links as votes for your website. That is just one of the criteria it considers in order to whether or not your site is very important-- how many various other websites are indicating it. Each site is a ballot, and also it does matter which sites elect your website. Simply puts a site with a bunch of authority that elects your site offers you a whole lot longer juice than a spam-looking website with no authority at all.

There are lots of various other aspects to off-page optimization. The words made use of in the real web link itself pointing to your website, etc. But for now you should simply understand that to get your site ranked on Google, you'll need

1) The best keyword phrases.

2) On-page optimization (correct site framework).

3) Off-page optimization (websites directing back to your site, or web pages).

When it comes to SEO in Philadelphia, with so many companies competing with you for local keywords, it's not going to be a cakewalk!

That's really exactly what SEO is all about. That's even more or much less simply the basics of it, however look at the bright side: now you understand exactly what SEO is and just how important it is to passively drive paying customers to your business's doorstep!

Written by Les Perkins COO Perkins National: Anyone can get my free book with details on How To Get Quick and Easy Website Traffic at http://www.StartMyEngine.Net


25 Top Places to Publish Your Content and Market Your Business

Still only publishing your content in a single place? If so, you're missing out on a huge amount of exposure, visibility and results you could otherwise be achieving.

To give your content the greatest chance of success, you need to publish it as widely as possible across a whole network of different content sites. This involves repurposing content - in other words, creating new versions of the original content - to suit the specific platform you're publishing on.

For example, let's imagine your content is currently in the form of a blog post. Here are some examples of how you might repurpose it:

- Into an article such as this. Often they will be quite a bit shorter than the original post. Depending on the site it's published on, it may not use the same amount of visual imagery.

- Into a presentation for publication onto say SlideShare.

- Into a video for YouTube. If you've already created a presentation, the easiest way is to use that as the basis of a video.

- Into multiple Tweets spread out over time, taking some of the key takeaways from the post.

- Similarly into one or more updates for other social networks.

I've mentioned a couple of key sites already where you can publish your content. There are of course many others.

Here's a full listing of 25 such publishing platforms and content websites, starting with...

1. Your Blog

Your own blog should be central to your whole content marketing strategy. Through regularly publishing high quality content, you build credibility, authority and traffic.

Plus each post forms the basis for quality repurposed content you can then publish elsewhere.

Thanks to built-in audiences, these other sites can attract much higher engagement levels. This can also lead to your content spreading virally and reaching thousands you wouldn't otherwise reach.

3. Twitter

As already mentioned, multiple Tweets can be scheduled to go out over time, using different key points from content you publish elsewhere.

2. Facebook

Each time you publish a new post - or publish content to some of the other sites listed here - schedule one or more updates for Facebook. Use an image such as your post's Featured Image to boost engagement levels and click-through.

4. LinkedIn

Similar to Facebook, one or more updates can be scheduled out over time, linking back to the original content. You'd generally do this through your Company Page.

5. Pinterest

If you're using a Featured Image whenever you publish to your blog, you can easily re-use it as the basis of a post on Pinterest, linking back to your blog. You can also post videos and SlideShares directly to Pinterest.

6. Google+

Google+ can be good for micro-blogging, where you create a longer synopsis of your content than you might do on say Facebook. Or even a series of posts based on the original content.

Publish content to your personal profile, your business page, and to different communities you are a member of in order to widen your reach.

7. Instagram

Instagram is gaining popularity with marketers, as it can have much higher engagement levels than Facebook. Try reposting your blog post's Featured Image or perhaps infographics you can post here as well as say Pinterest.

8. Medium

Medium was created by a couple founders of Twitter, and designed to use all the best bits of the other social networks. As such, it can be a powerful place to publish your content.

9. Tumblr

A microblogging and social networking site, Tumblr is one of the top 10 most popular sites in the United States.

Posts will generally need to be visually-appealing to get tood results. Experiment with say publishing an excerpt from your blog post with some images, and then linking back to your blog for the full post.

10. SlideShare

One of the top 200 websites in the world, and can give you a lot of exposure quickly. Simply create a presentation based on a blog post, and upload to the site.

As already mentioned, the presentation can also be used as the basis of a video for publication on...

11. YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine just behind Google, though most marketers focus mostly on Google.

By regularly repurposing content as videos, you can build up your presence here and take advantage of all the additional traffic and exposure it can give you.

12. Vimeo

Another site you can upload your video to for additional visibility.

13. LinkedIn Pulse

Because it taps into LinkedIn's network, good content is readily shared and can easily reach thousands within just a few days who you wouldn't otherwise be in front of.

14. Google Images

You can't submit images here directly, but by using images within your blog content for example, it can still deliver some additional traffic for you.

Here are some tips, which also help your SEO in general:

- Reference your domain name within your blog post's Featured Image.

- Be liberal in your use of images within blog posts, while ensuring they add additional value to the visitor.

- Use keywords in the names of your images.

15. Your Email List

All your content gives you ample material with which to stay in touch with your email list and keep your business front of mind. Re-use your content within a regular ezine, linking to the relevant content and driving up your engagement stats.

16. Other Ezines

Find ezines in your niche that readily publish content from contributors. Often you'll find such content is added to a related website too. For example, I've been regularly published in ezines going out to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

17. Guest Post on Other Blogs

Contact relevant blogs in your niche to see if they accept guest posts - many blogs do. This can give you valuable additional exposure.

Rather than create content from scratch, save time by creating a new, unique version of a post that's already on your blog.

18. Printed Publications

Don't forget offline opportunities to publish your content. Think about businesses that offer printed newsletters, magazines, newspapers, and so on.

19. Forums

Relevant forums can be a great place to publish your information. You're not trying to sell anything, just attract people to you through your information.

Be sure to check out the forum's rules and simply aim to add value. Contribute regularly for example by reusing some of the content you've created before. Link back to posts or other content where it's relevant and helpful to do so.

20. Amazon

Think about repurposing blog posts as say content for the Kindle. For example, you can periodically create ebooks based on a collection of posts you've already published.

21. iTunes - Podcasts...

Content already on your blog can easily be repurposed into podcast content. Use a regular podcast to reach and grow an engaged and loyal audience who might not otherwise come into contact with you.

22. Reddit

Post content to subreddits related to your niche. You'll find subreddits have their own rules, so make sure you abide by them, but good content can end up reaching thousands in this way.

23. Quora

Search for questions and topics on Quora on which you have created content. Post answers in which you deliver a lot of value within Quora itself, but then link back to your content elsewhere for further information.

Answer other questions without any links to give some balance, while also helping to build your profile and attract followers.

24. Yahoo! Answers

Similar to Quora in some ways, but a less sophisticated user base. Approach in a similar way to Quora by fully answering questions and linking back to other content for further information.

However, you do firstly have to spend some time on the site getting involved. You can only add links once you are at Level 2 or above.

25. Google Web Search

Of course, your content is 'published' on Google Web Search, similar to other sites. You don't control your ranking, and therefore how visible you are, but you can heavily influence it.

For example:

- Focus on creating value for the visitor. The more value you create, the more visibility you'll be rewarded with on Google.

- Publish content on other sites around the web, such as those here. That increases your exposure, leading to more links to your content and higher overall authority.

- Focus on building your social networks. This can again encourage links to your content. Plus more views for content such as videos and presentations can give them higher search rankings.


Try republishing content to just a handful of your preferred sites from the list above. By doing it regularly, you'll see your results really start to build.

Does it work? You're reading thisFree Reprint Articles, aren't you?

Found this information helpful? Download the list of sites above as a free, single-page PDF you can use for future reference. Includes a link to the original post on which this information is based - the post gives you more detail on each one along with some examples. Download now: https://www.vWriter.com/contentsites