6 tips to create the best videos for Instagram

Instagram is a phenomenon so important that it has changed the way we understand social networks. Its growth has been so great that a lot of brands and users decide to buy likes on Instagram and they try every method available to them to show their creations to an increasing number of people through the photographers' social network.

But one of Instagram's features that is growing the most nowadays is the microvideo. The success of these videos is based on a very basic premise: they can't last more than 15 seconds. But, how can we make the best microvideos of Instagram? Don't worry. With these tips, you will be able to become Instagram's Tarantinos in no time at all.

Tell something worthwhile to your audience
The first thing you have to keep in mind when you try to make a video for Instagram is that you need to have a good idea. As in every creative process, the first thing we need to know is what we want to tell to our audience and how we want to tell it to them. Will it be a short story? Do you want to pay tribute to your hero using pictures? Do you want to show a sketch? Do you want to publish a surreal short-film? Or do you want to create a small advertisement?

Be creative
You should tell original stories. Don't be afraid to improvise. It's incredible how many things you can tell in 15 seconds. It seems very little time, but in fact it is possible to express almost anything with this limited time. From a deep and reflexive microvideo to a funny dance in the middle of a wedding, you can record and show to the world everything you want. Even you can create videos in stop-motion!

Edit your videos
Even if this process may sound a Little too technical, it is something very easy to do, at least on Instagram. This way, you can combine fragments of different videos, so the ultimate video will be more dynamic. Furthermore, this editing will allow us to change planes, add elements of continuity to the story and even to show sophisticated metaphors.

Technical factors
Take care of your videos' lighting and setting. Instagram offers an image stabilizer; use it. Also, there are a lot of programs to transform your videos into square format, like Squaready.

Adjust the sound
According to its creators, Instagram has been invented to reproduce its videos with the volume that the device has set in that moment. That is, if the phone is in the mode "without sound", the video will be recorded and reproduced in this same mode.

Bear in mind that Instagram's videos repeat themselves over and over again. That's why it is interesting to link the end of the video with its beginning. This way (and if your idea is very good), the video won't have neither a beginning nor an end and it will repeat itself like an endless loop without being boring for the "spectators".