Basic Idea of DNS Lookup

The DNS is the short form of the domain name server. In this type of things you can buy a domain name and the server can be multiplied by much kind of things. After looking up the domain name you can make a website on that server and launch the website for the world. To make the website we have to first register a domain name by the address is given and the domain may be .com, .net of for making the Indian website it can be made of .in also. The domain can be bought by giving some money also. The money transition is made online and it is safe and secure also. So basically the DNS lookup can be made from any website which is selling the domain for some money.

Inside the Linux operating system there is an internal feature is available which provides basically the WhoIs of the website. WhoIs is nothing but showing the owner of the site and it also shows the domain of the website and the website registration date and the basic knowledge of the website also available on the whoIs search. WhoIs Lookup can be done from the various website and the Linux OS basically have the unique feature to lookup the WhoIs and it instantly give the result of the WhoIs search to the user. The WhoIs Lookup can be done from any of the lookup website available in the Google search. That can also give the result of who is accordingly using the website. So basically it can be done from the website by using the windows operating system also.

WhoIs search is also another feature of the WhoIs lookup. There are many websites are available to search the details about the WhoIs. Before buying a domain name one must be aware of the WhoIs because this is one of the basic parts of making the website. If the buyer wants to buy a website from another owner then he or she can contact the owner for the domain and he can buy it from her and it can be looked up for his technical purpose. So these basic things can be focused before doing any steps of making a website. The looking of the domain can be saved as the owner or the CEO of a website or a company. He or she can buy a website for some money from the original owner.