Crosswords are more fun online!

Do you enjoy solving crossword puzzles? Then, we truly hope you have discovered the wide range of choices available online at the moment! More and more websites now cater to crossword-enthusiasts. You can pick and choose from a wide range of sites. You are sure to find one that’s perfect for you!

Solving crosswords online offer up a lot of great advantages. The number of crosswords is enormous – bigger than in your favorite crossword magazine, for sure! They are aimed at players of all levels, and fit for all ages. It is so easy to take advantage of this service.

You can play directly in your browser, or you can print out crosswords and solve them with pen or pencil – it is entirely up to you. It goes without saying that you can solve crosswords on handheld devices, such as tablets and mobile phones. If you would like to learn more about crosswords online, please read on.

In this article, we present you with everything you need to know.

Unlimited choice!
The internet offers up an absolutely astonishing range of different crosswords. It doesn’t matter how many crosswords you like to solve: you will never, ever come even remotely close to running out!

On the web, you will find a limitless supply of crosswords. There are myriad sites that specialize in this sector, and they each offer up enormous menus of crosswords, crosswords, and more crosswords. It is simply impossible to get bored. The variety is endless.

You can solve one crossword for breakfast, one during your lunchbreak at work, one on the bus home, one in the evening, and another one when you go to bed. For added entertainment, many online crosswords have all sorts of enjoyable features and extras.

There are all kinds of inventive themes, and fun illustrations to keep you amused.

All different levels available
Some people like to unwind with a nice, little crossword when they’re too tired to do anything else. Others seek out a real intellectual challenge when they tackle a crossword. It doesn’t matter which type of crossword solver you are, because you will find appropriate levels online regardless. All good crossword sites offer many different levels of difficulty.

That way every player can find an appropriate level for them. Of course, you can also adapt your choice of difficulty to your mood. If you’re feeling particularly sharp, you can test yourself against a tricky one; if you’re in a lazy mood, you can pick up a crossword that won’t be too difficult.

Also different age groups are catered for. Many children like to build their vocabulary and spelling skills with crosswords. Teens also enjoy testing their grasp of the language through crosswords. Of course, you will find age-appropriate crosswords online.

Meet other enthusiasts online
One really great feature that many people love about crossword sites, is the opportunity to communicate with other players. Via social media, you can share your crosswords with people who share your enthusiasm.

You can ask questions, offer advice and compare notes. This makes crossword solving into a collaborative and social hobby. Many people connect via crossword sites, and solve crosswords together, either as a team or in competition against each other, via social media.

Obviously, it is much more fun to engage in a hobby like this when you can share your enjoyment with someone else!

You can print or play in your browser
How you play, is up to you. The crossword sites let you choose whether you print out their crosswords at home, or whether you prefer to play via the browser. Printing offers the benefit that it is just the same as “normal” crosswords from magazines and newspapers.

This might feel more natural for some players. It also makes it harder to cheat by Googling hints! But printing is not entirely practical. You need to have a printer at hand, and of course it’s not environmentally friendly to use paper when you do not strictly need to.

Playing directly via the website in your browser is very easy. It might take a little getting used to, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll never go back to using pen and paper again. For one thing, you won’t have to worry about erasing your errors.

If you realize you’ve made a mistake, you simply type over it and replace the erroneous letters. Simple as anything. This way you can try many different options until you spot the one that’s the correct solution.

Of course, you can play on your tablet!
More and more crossword fans like to enjoy their hobby by using their mobile phone or tablet. This enables them to solve crosswords whenever boredom threatens.

A lot of people like to solve crosswords during breaks at work – with an unlimited selection of crosswords available online, via your mobile phone, you’re all set!

The same goes for waiting for your doctor’s appointment, for your train to show up, and whenever else you have to spend time in a waiting room of any kind. Solving crosswords on handheld devices is very easy.

By using your touch-screen you simply tap on the clue you wish to solve. Your keyboard will appear, and you type the solution. You can play directly through your device’s browser, or you can download a crossword app.

There are a lot of these around, and they are quickly becoming tremendously popular. A crossword app gives you unbeatable access to a wide range of crosswords whilst you’re out and about.