SEO most effective business tactic new report shows

SEO is effective yet challenging.
In this modern technology world, digital marketing has turned out to be the new bread and butter for the entrepreneurs. It is now the time to adopt the best digital marketing strategies to serve it in the best way for your business to promote your products and services to reach millions of customers from all across the world.

According to a statistics, there are about more than 2.5 millions of people out of which 85% of them access the internet on daily basis. Thus, to grab the attention of these people, most of the companies are investing an average of 18% of their annual income on digital marketing.

To assist the businesses to have a proper overview of effective online marketing methods, GoodFirms endeavored to conduct a Digital Marketing Tactics survey. In which, there were about 100+ digital marketing experts to reveal the most influential online marketing strategies that are powerful to generate en-number of leads and flourish your business by staying ahead of the competitors.

Today, many new digital marketing trends and strategies are evolving with the current high-tech era. But along with this, there are key digital marketing tactics that will be forever. Here you can check out the most challenging and yet highly effective digital marketing tactics along with the percentage it gained from the online marketing experts.

•Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - 28.4%
•Social Media Marketing - 22.5%
•Link Building - 14.7%
•Content Marketing - 14.5%
•Email Marketing - 11.8%
•Influencer Marketing - 4.9%
•Others - 3.2%

The businesses can use them along with the new trends to succeed in their efforts. To get a complete insight you can go through the (Difficult yet effective digital marketing tactics) survey at GoodFirms research.

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