PowWeb - worst web host - EVER!

Wow, just wow. This has to be the worst web hosting nightmare stories you have ever heard. Have you heard of one of the most notorious web hosting companies, PowWeb?

Buckle up, because you might not even believe what you are about to read about PowWeb.com.

Sure, there are hosting companies with lots of features and even low prices - and some hosting providers have slow servers.

But what about a hosting company that hacks your website so that it doesn’t even work?

The popular free font site FontDaddy.com has experienced just that.

Check out this tweet about PowWeb here, and this Facebook post about PowWeb here and even this Google+ status about PowWeb here.

Notice the date gap on these posts. PowWeb have not only damaged the customer site, they have not done anything to fix it for days and days!

And FontDaddy.com is not alone.

If you just Google PowWeb you will fins many similar stories.